It’s a question we get asked 100 times a day, Where in Lincoln is the best place to spend my money on student accommodation? Within Lincoln we have 4 main areas where students prefer to live, below is the list in order of popularity.

1. The West End
2. High Street
3. Sincil Bank
4. Monks Road

  1. The West End;

    Arguably the most popular student location, a short walk to the University of Lincoln, and densely populated by both students and local residents, roads between Carholme road and West Parade are extremely popular with rents set between £90-£115 the average rental value is much higher than any of our other locations in this list.

  2. High Street;

    With upper highstreet proving most popular, north of the train station, average rents are between £85-95 per week, with short walks to the city centre and local nightlife this area proves popular with Lincoln students searching for accommodation.

  3. Sincil Bank / Portland Street;

    Arguably once the most profitable with landlords once seeing a ROI of over 20%, the average house price has sky rocketed in recent years producing returns of around 10-14% gross. Less popular with students, however with lower rents on average and a tight budget to stick to, most students wouldn’t turn there nose up at quality accommodation in this area. With average rent prices between £75-85 per week there is still money to be made. A 4 bed house finished to a good standard can still achieve £18,200 gross income per year.

  4. Monks Road:

    Deemed less popular due to its reputation Monks Road has seen a decline of interest from the student population in recent years, with average rent prices between £75-85 per week and average house prices higher than that of Sincil Bank, many landlords are slowly moving away from this area in a bid to maximise their investments. There is still a good opportunity if you can pick a property up at a good price!


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