So you’ve got your place at the University of Lincoln, CONGRATS! The best 3 years of your life are just about to start, but what do you bring to ensure you have everything you need?

Well luckily for you, we’ve done pretty much all the research for you. In fact we’ve even done a bloody checklist for you which you can download here! (You’re Welcome ;))

STEP 1: Don’t Panic!

You probably have loads of things you might very well want to take when you move to university, but remember: you’re not moving a million miles away! 

Believe it or not, we do have lots of shops in Lincoln and anything you can’t track down, you can order online. In fact, it might even be easier (and cheaper) to wait and buy a few things once you arrive and know exactly what’s already available in your new student pad. Don’t forget you can get FREE AMAZON PRIME for 6 months as a student!

If you’re jumping head first into shared living, it’s likely you’ll end up with one toastie maker per person. Probably a kettle each, as well as living in halls with 5 ironing boards!

Here is our crucial item check list – as voted for by current students!

Things not to forget

We don’t want to state the obvious too much here – we’re sure you’ve got your clothes, toiletries etc. all covered.  This list mainly contains items that you might not think of straight away, but are worth taking along with you.

STEP 2: Important documents

health card

  • Passport and/or driver’s license (ID) – Helps when you need to prove your age for FRESHERS WEEK
  • University admission acceptance letter – Just In Case (This letter will also help you get a student discount at the Apple Store!)
  • Accommodation terms, information and contract – This could be required when coming to Lincoln to collect your photos
  • Bank debit card
  • Insurance documents – (If you require Insurance click here)
  • Student loan documents (and any other bursaries or scholarship funding)
  • Student discount cards (eg. 16-25 railcard)
  • Others worth considering: National Insurance card (or at least the number if you don’t have a card), exam certificates, NHS number.

STEP 3: Electrical essentials

  • Laptop or computer – (see Apple Education Store)
  • Ethernet cable – may be needed for Internet in some university halls for faster speeds!
  • Mobile phone – obviously
  • Headphones – to listen to music in peace as the 3rd floor of the University of Lincoln Library is known as ‘the silent floor’
  • USB TV Stick – to stream apps like iPlayer, Netflix & Amazon on your TV. We recommend NOW TV but some prefer Chromecast
  • Power extension cable
  • Printer with ink – needed for coursework or lecture slides (You only get about £15 credit for the year in the Library)
  • Small TV – plenty under £80 at Amazon. You’ll also need a TV license if you plan on watching TV in your room (Unless you Live with us, as we pay for your licence for you)
  • Games console – multiplayers are great for bonding, especially Nintendo Wiis! Even more especially Drunk Bowling on the Wii (But we didn’t say that ;))
  • Device chargers – Lending a charger to your flatmate can make you instant best friends!
  • USB memory stick (see current best sellers)
  • Others worth considering: speakers!

STEP 4: Stationary

  • Pens (and pencils)
  • Highlighters
  • A4 writing pads – (5 Should do – One for each module)
  • Folders with dividers
  • Other: Dictaphone, course specific materials.

STEP 5: Kitchen essentials

kitchen stuff
Okay so here’s the thing, In your first year you and your housemates will have 5 of everything, but I suppose thats better than having 5 of nothing. Things always tend to go missing in Halls, so those 4 plates you bought will probably end up being 1 plate by the end of the year! You can always pick up some great cutlery and plats from Morrisons when you arrive – There’s no need to buy these in advance!

  • Student recipe book – become the Jamie Oliver of your student home! Nosh for Students is cheap and well recommended
  • Wok – this is the number one cooking tool. Can be used to fry, boil, scramble etc… and of course makes a mean stir fry
  • Sauce pan – just one for now
  • Small cutlery set
  • 1 sharp knife
  • Scissors – yes it’s ok to cut the fat off bacon with them
  • Kitchen tongs – seriously, they are like a third heat-proof hand (not sure what they are, see here)
  • 1 glass & 1 mug – for all of your drinking needs (most people don’t like sharing these, you may get these as freebies in freshers week)
  • 1 plate & 1 bowl – better than eating out of a pan. Opt for plates with tall edges to get the best of both!
  • Flat baking tray – you know, to stop fries going through the gaps
  • Tupperware – great for storing food
  • Coffee maker (or just go instant) – Either way, you’re going to need coffee to make those 9am lectures during freshers week!

What you probably don’t immediately need: food or spices, kettle, toaster, rice steamer, toastie-maker, pizza cutter, colander, grater, peeler, garlic crusher, wooden spoons/ladles etc, masher, measuring jug, whisk, chopping board – As your housemates will probably bring these items with them. You can always go to Morrisons and grab these at a later date!

STEP 6: Bedroom essentials

  • Bed sheets – including a bed cover, duvet cover and pillow covers
  • Duvet & pillows – get a tog that is warm enough for the winter and get a double if possible (you will most likely have a double bed in 2nd year)
  • Mattress protector – you never know who has been in the bed before you…
  • Alarm clock – because you’d hate to miss a lecture
  • Coat hangers
  • Laundry basket – or just an empty box
  • Photos of friends & family – also helps make things a bit more homely
  • Door stop – makes things much more sociable!
  • Ear plugs – seriously, you might need them need them
  • Clothes – including one smart(ish) outfit for the end of year society do’s

STEP 7: Bathroom essentials


  • Towels – one big, one small
  • Paracetamol – Freshers’ week might be brutal, Stock up! But don’t look like an extra from Breaking Bad!
  • Personal medication and supplies (eg. contact lens solution)
  • Febreeze – keep your room and bathroom smelling fresh
  • Washbag – including toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel, make-up?
  • Plasters – or small first aid kit… you can get pretty decent first aid kits on Amazon fairly cheap! Trust us, they come in handy!
  • Toilet roll

STEP 8: Clothing

too-many-clothesMost students are always buying new clothes and that’ll no doubt continue throughout university but there are a few essentials that you will need to take to university:

  • Casual clothes – what you’re comfortable wearing, but not too many!
  • Underwear and socks – one week’s worth is a good start
  • Smart outfit – for freshers’ balls as well as any interviews etc.
  • Trainers
  • Going out shoes
  • Fancy dress – worth taking at least one outfit with you (order online with Angels Fancy Dress).

STEP 9: Miscellaneous items


  • Pack of cards – be ready for drinking games and socialising
  • Crate of beer/bottle of Vodka – great for inviting new mates into your room
  • Insurance – you’ll want to be covered (click here to get student insurance)
  • Condoms – although you’ll be given plenty for free
  • Your own essentials – such as reading glasses, hair straighteners etc
  • Bike – if you can take one it’ll save you money and keep you fit