As January gets underway, it will soon be time for the most loved-up day of the year…Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day has become well and truly immersed into British culture. It’s a day for couples to spoil each other and show their love.

However, as a student, you may be anxious about how to celebrate this day with your beloved, without stretching your already straining bank account. So, here are some ways you can have a fantastic Valentine’s Day with your partner on a student budget.

  • The Card…You can’t go wrong with a 59p card from Card Factory. The cards are cheap and suitably tacky. Make sure you write something worthwhile inside, not just ”love from bae”…
  • The Food…Try one of the Valentine’s dinner for two deals offered in various supermarkets. All the food is chuck-in-the-oven stuff, so no faff required. They’re very affordable, and include a bottle of wine.
  • The Outside Date…Go for a romantic hand in hand stroll in the Arboretum or Hartsholme Park to blow the cobwebs away and chat about random shit besides what happened at quack the night before.
  • The Inside date…Plan to have a duvet day and embrace the cosy warmth of not having to go outside into the chilly February weather.
  • The Gift…Dig out all of the souvenirs you’ve hoarded in the past few months/years of your relationship and create a scrapbook of memories. Cheap yet cute and a lot more thoughtful than two bunches of flowers for £10 from Asda
  • For the singles…Give valentines day the two fingers by inviting everyone you know to your house for an Anti-Valentine’s Day blow-out.