At Student Housing Lincoln we are always here to help and Clearing is no different!

Clearing 2016; where to begin?

Firstly, DO NOT panic! 

Clearing isn’t just for those who didn’t achieve the grades they were hoping for; it is also increasingly used by those who have since decided they don’t want to attend their first choice of University. There are numerous universities around the country that offer Clearing places in a wide range of subjects.


You should be eligible for Clearing if any of these are true for you:

– You declined all your offers or didn’t respond by the deadline.

– You didn’t get the grades needed for your offered places.

– You declined a changed course, a changed date of entry and/or a changed point of entry offer

– UCAS received your application after 30th June. If you sent your application after this date,   it won’t have been sent to any universities or colleges.

You’re eligible if your UCAS Track status says You are in Clearing or Clearing has started. If you’ve missed your grades but don’t see this message then give your University’s a call – they may still be considering you.

Some universities may still offer you a place even if you miss your grades, so always ring up your choices to check first before diving headfirst into Clearing.

The PlanCubs and Brownies will not have prepared you for this!

– If you haven’t already paid the full fee (i.e., only made a single course application), you’ll need to stump up £11 to use Clearing or Adjustment.

– Have your UCAS ID/Clearing number to hand – get them from your online UCAS account.

– Save any phone numbers for places at Universities you’re interested in to your mobile.

– Be aware they’ll be incredibly busy on results day, so keep an eye on the uni’s Facebook/Twitter feeds for live updates/places available.

– Treat it like a job application: expect to sell your best bits to Universities still filling spaces (and be prepared for immediate phone interviews).

– Don’t think that you’ve got to take the first place you’re offered. Three years (or more) is a long time to give to a course or city you aren’t completely happy with.

Have someone with a car on standby; some universities may require an interview in person and give you little or no notice. It is worth asking a parent or friend to free up their day to ensure you don’t miss a potential interview.

Times Clearing List / online

So you’ve got your place, where do you live? 

The University of lincoln/Bishop’s Grosseteste should have reserved accommodation for students that apply through Clearing; but don’t worry if not – numerous house shares can be found at and we will be happy to help you find accommodation.

Key Dates – 18th August 2016 [Results Day] – results are published online at midnight [worth staying up and checking!]


Some quotes from successful Clearing applicants to the University of Lincoln:

“Often, people think clearing is JUST for those who didn’t get their grades, but it isn’t. I made my firm choice, but after I visited the uni, I realised it really wasn’t for me. Since I was accepted by my first choice, I had to apply to Lincoln via Clearing, as this was the only way. It was very stressful, as normally you are just waiting for one university to ‘release’ your application so you can give it to a different one. Sometimes it prevents you from going anywhere as you are always waiting for calls or emails because the process has to be done by a certain date. Phone lines are always busy! But it just takes patience, and remember the final goal!”
– First Year Social Studies Student | University of Lincoln


“Don’t be afraid to ring up if you don’t meet the grade requirements. I was allowed on course despite now having enough points.”
– First Year Engineering Student | University of Lincoln


Just remember, that if you don’t manage to gain a place at University through Clearing all is not lost! Retake your A-Levels, request a re-mark OR take a year and work, this is only a positive when you re-apply the following year [as you’ll already know your grades] which puts you one step ahead of the crowd! And you may always find that University isn’t for you when in employment; just look at Lord Sugar and Richard Branson…


Some helpful links if you’re hoping to study in Lincoln through Clearing:

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