A pretty standard part of being a student is that you’re going to be poor about 94% of the time, especially once you’ve paid for your student accommodation for the year (p.s sorry about that :[ ), and if you’re not struggling to make ends meet and splashing the reddies a Home on a Tuesday… you’re not a real student. In the past we have seen swarms of students head to charity shops in the hope of being able to pick up a vintage blazer or a H&M crop top with the label taken out at a fraction of the price. For those of you who aren’t so keen in wearing a possibly dead persons clothing we have come up with these 5 tips on student shopping in Lincoln

1. Be adventurous

Don’t be afraid to wander up Steep Hill, there are bargains to be had up there! Especially once a month when theres a vintage market on at the castle or the cathedral. Don’t forget to pop into YAK Lincoln and ask for a cheeky discount. Over the years shopping in Lincoln has actually got a lot better…. we have a H&M now! Don’t forget Primark can be your best friend, especially when looking for a cheep T-shirt for a paint party at Engine Shed on the University of Lincoln Campus!

Don’t forget, Morrisons and Tesco also sell pretty cheap clothing, especially if you’re looking for a pair of pumps for Lincoln JETS cheerleading try outs.


2. Don’t stick to your respective gender

It’s ridiculous that clothes are gendered anyway, but that’s conversation for a different time. The great thing about charity shops is that no-one is going to judge you for shopping in the opposite sex’s section (if there even is one). From experience, I find the men’s section is often better than the women’s—it’s especially better for finding oversized, comfy t-shirts and jumpers which can often be ruined by flowers and frills in the women’s section. Likewise if you’re a guy, there’s nothing to stop you from letting your feminine side be free!


3. Location is everything

Don’t forget, you can cut through M&S straight from Campus, so you’re only ever 4mins from the hughstreet. Utilise the location, don’t forget you can always visit the Central Lincoln Market – From campus walk down towards Topman, past Lloyds, across past Barclays and left at ‘Blue Banna’ – The market is great (its also great for food – Much cheaper than the national supermarkets!


4. Waterside Lincoln – Your New Best Friend

The waterside shopping centre used to be pretty dead before the recent refurbishment and extension, however now it can be your best friend, once a year they hold the annual Student Lock In, where they open up late, just to students and give crazy offers, local nightclubs and bars also exhibit so its a good chance to grab a free drinks voucher to two. Imagine the Student Locking a little bit like Black Friday in the US. They open the doors all at once and its a mad sprint to Office or H&M for the best bargains.


5. Take a friend

Shopping can often be a difficult alone, especially if you are indecisive. Having a friend at hand to give you encouragement to get a garment that is a bit ‘out there’ or to advise you against terrible decisions is always comforting. You can start at different ends of the shop and point out items to each other— something that they may at first pick up for themselves may end up suiting you better, and vice-versa! However, if there is something that you spot and like, don’t let them talk you out of buying it if your gut instinct is to purchase it. Friends are there to advise but ultimately you are the decision maker: after all, it’s you that will be wearing it Monday night at Lovedough.


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