Nottingham Student Accommodation Explained

Take a look at where students from your university were living in 19/20. We’ve complied data on what areas were most popular for University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent Students



University of Nottingham Students



Nottingham Trent University Students



Nottingham Trent University Students



University of Nottingham Students

Student Living Nottingham – The Best Student Areas

Lenton The Park Beeston Dunkirk Wollaton Forest Fields Arboretum Mapperley Park City Centre Lenton

Lenton is one of the most popular student areas with a number of student properties available in the area. There’s really good transport links to Nottingham Trent University, as well as being walking distance to the University of Nottingham Park and Jubilee Campus.

Lenton has a number of cheap supermarkets as well as a Sainsbuys Local and Tesco Metro, Located close to Lenton Boulevard and a number of student bars.


Parking is mostly permit parking, with the area being very popular with students, Lenton can be noisy and busy around freshers week.

The Park

Located just 10mins from the train station and just 5mins walk from the centre of Nottingham, The Park boasts one of the best locations for University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent Students.

The park tends to cater towards 3rd years are the area is a little more quiet and boasts free on street parking

The Park is one of the only gated communities in Nottingham, providing a luxury feel to the area, rent in this are of Nottingham can be slightly higher than average.



Beeston is a great location if you want to be close to the University of Nottingham Jubilee and Park Campus, being just a stones throw away.

Beeston benefits from having its own high street with a number of shops, pubs, bars and restaurants. Beeston also has its very own train station.

We tend to find more 2nd Years appreciate Beeston due to the area having less of a party ethic. For Nottingham Trent Students the walk can be up to 20mins.


Dunkirk is perfect for QMC students, located a short walk from Queens Medical Dunkirk is the perfect location if you want to live close to campus. Located just 5mins from the University of Nottingham Park Campus and 7-8 mins from Jubilee

If you’re studying at Nottingham Trent University accommodation is located about a 20min walk away

Dunkirk is slightly further from Nottingham City Centre and the popular Lenton area



Wollaton is seen as one of the most desirable areas of Nottingham to live in.

Wollaton is not close to the city centre nor the University Park Campus

Wollaton does however boast great transport links to all areas within the City.


Forest Fields

Forest Fields benefits from the huge Forest recreation ground which boasts its own goose Fair and Outdoor Gym. Located 10mins from the City Centre, Forrest fields is a great location for Nottingham Trent Students looking for Accommodation.

Forrest Fields also benefits from being on the direct tram line taking you directly into Nottingham City Centre

University of Nottingham students may prefer areas such as Lenton which are closer to the University of Nottingham Park and Jubilee campus



Arboretum properties benefit from being surrounded by the Arbortum, a large park which is perfect for Summer BBQ’s, Picnics, Events and Festivals.

Located close to Nottingham Trent University and Trent University Halls of Residence

The Arboretum is a fairy small area so houses are limited.


Mapperley Park

Mapperlry Park is a well desired area of Nottingham with a mixture of students and large private homes the area is known for its outstanding beauty and tree lines streets.

Mapperly park Sits in a conservation area with many distinguished Victorian houses

Properties in Mapperly Park tend to benefit from free off street parking, the city centre is a fairly long walk away as it the University of Nottingham and Trent.


City Centre

Nottingham City Centre Student Accommodation is all located close the Nottingham Trent University campus and buildings. City Centre Accommodation provides easy access to main city shops and nightlife, saving Uber fares.

Due to the student accommodation being in the centre of Nottingham, most properties are apartments without gardens or outdoor space

As the City Centre is so popular, modern apartments can be quite expensive as well as hard to find.