Effectively it’s a way in which you can be assured that the tenants in your property stay within their bill allowance.


How does it work?

Should you opt in to our bill management service, we will work with Glide on the provision of Water, Gas, Electricity, TV Licence, Sewage and Broadband; we total up the monthly bills, complete the meter reads and send the data to Glide.

The tenants are given a percentage of how much of their bill allowance they have used and what remains for the year. If the tenants over use, we collect the difference directly from them, you can rest assured that the bills are paid and you won’t be liable for the over use!!


How much does this cost?

For landlords on our Fully Managed service, IT’S FREE. We simply deduct the allowance from the rent each month (to pay the bills). If the tenants go over, we charge them for the over use, not you. Your bill stays the same and you don’t have to worry about over use, or trying to re-claim the costs at the end of the tenancy.

To find out more about our bill management service for student properties please click the link below

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