An Instagram feed can tell you a lot about a person. Are they into celebrity gossip? Do they love to travel? They obsessed with puppies in cute poses? At Student Housing Lincoln, we have produced a list of insta accounts we feel EVERY student should follow in order to help their motivation, hunger and budget.

Food Accounts…

@onepoundmeals...Many students may have never heard of him but upcoming Chef, Miguel Barclay gains his appeal by cooking single meals that cost no more than a £1 per serving – seems too good to be true right? Barclay regularly posts recipes onto insta, through videos where you can see the quick and mouth-watering results.

@thebodycoach...This is the man himself. Joe Wicks…”On a mission to inspire one new person everyday to exercise and cook a healthy meal”. Rather than thinking you’re saving money by ‘nippin’ to Tescos for a £3 meal deal, instead why not try one of quick wick’s lean in 15 meals to save the hanger thoughts.

@buzzfeedtasty… An aesthetically pleasing account to browse through after a union Tuesday night out whilst the headache is pending and the tiredness is sky high. Even if you haven’t got the energy to create an exotic concoction, you can still allow your mouth to water at the sight of greasy donuts whilst pending your dominoes order.

Motivational, feel good and pick me up accounts…

Let’s face it; many of us could probably name a handful of Instagram accounts we follow that don’t always make us feel great. So why not replace them with ones that do make our day a little bit more positive?





Local restaurant/bar accounts…

If you’re feeling lucky, follow a variety of restaurants and bars on insta in hope you win one of their competitions. You never know you could be dining out at pizza Express for absolute free… for a student that will feel like dinner at The Savoy.






Accounts relevant to your course…

If you’re going to be scrolling through your Instagram feed, at least make some of the content relevant to what you’re studying at university. This is a great way to keep your brain active on the subject outside of the degree and can only add to your knowledge so far. Here’s a few options for several degrees…

@subwaybookreview…This account reveals more than just the recommended book, but also the readers of literature, where you can read a snippet of their own, personal story as well as thoughts on what they’re currently reading.

@arch_more…For architecture and creative students, there a multitude of drawings, sketches and detailed plans of a variety of buildings reposted from other accounts. This is a great source to find a great stretch of architects and get inspired!

@study.for.success…Finding study motivation can be difficult, but here, you’ll see a bunch of tips to help you stay on track. There are also fun memes to keep you entertained.