Building our new home Student Housing Lincoln

Building our new home

Back in 2015 we decided that we had out grown our old offices and needed more space and a bigger campus presence. Now this is the story all about how our new office got flipped-turned upside down.


Having previously been a commercial kitchen on day 1 the ceiling tiles were removed.


Day 2

12874623_10154694608721393_453804201_oWalls stripped back to bare brick12887335_10154694608806393_126235053_o


Walls erected to divide front and back office space

12874375_10154694608966393_1200053138_o 12380997_10154694608951393_1406110728_o

Back office, plaster boarded, painted and ceiling re-hung. Perminat desks fitted to walls

12887516_10154694609056393_272318797_o 12894571_10154694609176393_1985382662_o

Floors painted, Beam painted Blue*

12887324_10154694609051393_1362993865_o 12874123_10154694609251393_2000235668_o 12887332_10154694609216393_1667112332_o

Grass goes up on the wall


Blue beam didn’t look very good so was painted grey


Custom steel sign is delivered and installed onto the wall

12896344_10154694614346393_1493385324_o 12894294_10154694614756393_90511898_o

Brick walls were painted grey and TV was installed


Coffee cups and other furnishings were chosen

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