Are you like 79% of people in the 18-22 age bracket which according to WHICH are literally addicted to your mobile phone? Why not put your addiction to good use, and boost your grades in the process. Below is a list of mobile apps designed to make your university life that little bit easier. Don’t forget BlackBoard app is now available on both iOS and Android.


Apps for revision

1.) My Study Life


My Study Life is an app designed to improve on organisation as it allows you to create your own timetable, set yourself tasks, reminders and it is even available offline. This app is perfect for planning revision schedules and keeping on top of your assignments.

2.) StudyBlue


With StudyBlue you can create your own digital flashcards and notes which is great for a quick revision session on the bus to University or while you are waiting for something. You can even add audio and images to your notes and browse other students’ revision flashcards and notes. No matter your degree type, flashcards can be a useful way to reinforce small bits of information through repetition.

3.) ExamTime


ExamTime labels itself as a ‘productivity app’ as it helps with scheduling and planning for exam preparation. The app has a mind map tool which is often popular with students to brainstorm ideas. There is also a ‘notes’ tool which allows you to embed videos, images, sound files and slideshows. Alike to StudyBlue, with ExamTime you can make flashcards and quizzes to test your understanding. The ‘study planner’ feature within this app allows you to track and manage revision time by setting yourself goals and deadlines.

4.) Apps relevant to your degree content


As well as apps designed to boost your study progress and revision, there are also applications closely linked to the content of most degree disciplines. For instance, any news or political journals may be useful to download if you study a Social Science. For Language students, apps such as Duolingo or Memrise are a great way to go over key vocab and verb endings. Science students may find ‘Science News & Discoveries’ interesting and downloading the New Scientist magazine app may also be beneficial.


Apps useful for students more generally

1.) Spotify


No revision session is complete without the perfect music playlist in the background. Spotify recognize the app’s popularity amongst students and now offer students a 50% discount for their premium version of the app!

2.) Discount Cabs  


The Discount Cabs app has become very popular with students since it launched. Given that no change is required with this cab service, you can pay for your journey through the app or in any vehicle it is really useful after a night-out and shopping trips!

3.) BlackBoard


The University of Lincoln in collaboration with Blackboard have their own app with various features including timetables, emails, any updates, interactive campus maps and library searches. Check it out on your app store!

4.) Pingit


Pingit is an easy payment app using just mobile phone numbers. Transferring money using this app does not require sort codes or account numbers and so it makes transfers with friends simple and quick.


INLmsyR is an award winning app for organisation which features a daily planner, list managements, notes and reminders. It has a lot of handy features, for example lists can be sorted by time or priority and it gives users a rundown of their current tasks each morning.

It is available on iPhone, Android and there is also as a web version.