1. The University of Lincoln open day was one big lie


2. Dominos may have given you 100’s of vouchers in freshers week; but by December this is all you can afford:

Cheap Pizza

3. No matter how far you are in your overdraft; you can always find pennies for alcohol

Cheap Vodka

4. …But you probably forgot to budget for mixers; so you end up with the squash in the cupboard

Pre Drinks


5. No matter how organised you are; you always end up leaving essays to the day before hand in

Last Min Studying


6. … And you soon realise it is possible to get a 2.1 on an essay that you finished at 4am

Group Projects - Lincoln


7. You have quickly learnt how to reach the required word count

Essay Help - University of Lincoln


8. That group projects aren’t as fun as they sounded at the beginning of term

University of Lincoln - Group Projects


9. That washing up is a way bigger deal than you anticipated

Student Accommodation - Washing Up


10. The 4hour long sunday edition of Come Dine With Me is your new best friend



11. That you’ve genuinely put more effort into some of your drinking games than you have your assignments

Drinking Games


12. That you’re now close enough to your flatmates to drop the killer ‘Never have I ever’

Student Drinking Games

13. You’ve learnt that free entry before 11pm is free for a reason.

Moka Empty on a friday


14. And how to become semi-pro at a straw-pedio

Student Drinking


15. That you should always leave engine shed before the lights come on

Leaving Superbull Like -


16. And yes, southerners prefer cheese over gravy on their chips!

Cheesy Chips - Lincoln