1. Drinking in public: Carefully cut the top and bottom of a coke can and slide it over you beer.

how to get the most out of your pre drinks

Hey Presto! A suitable can to be drinking on the street on your way to QUACK at the engine shed!

2. WiFi Passwords: Check out the FourSquare reviews to find the Wi-Fi password of any establishment

how to get free wifi wherever you are

Struggling on 3G? Why not check out the FourSquare reviews for the bar / restaurant you’re in and see if anyone has posted the WiFi password. If they haven’t why not ask at the bar and upload it for the next person 🙂

3. Cold Beer: Wet a loo roll, wrap it round your beer and pop it in the freezer

how to get beer cold in 15 mins

Wait 15mins and your beer will be ice cold. – You’re welcome 😉

4. Microwave Hack: Heat up 2 dishes by placing a mug under one to create more space

microwave hack for student in accommodation halls

Easily create room to heat up last nights takeaway for both you and your house mate at the same time!

5. Sleep Hack: Place your phone in an empty glass to amplify your alarm in the morning

how to wake up as a student


6. Wardrobe Hack: Learn how to fold your clothes to make the most of your storage space

space saving hack student housing lincoln


7. WiFi Hack #2: How to boost your WiFi signal in 3 easy steps

wifi extender student housing lincoln

Remember: Safety First, if you have a poor signal please contact us on 01522 410 646 and we can organise a replacement WiFi Extender!

8. Washing Up Hack: Run out of clean plates? Why not use a tortilla wrap!

Student Life Hacks University of Lincoln

Cant be bothered to do the washing up? Why not use a tortilla wrap! Not only can it double as a plate or a bowl, its also a tasty accompaniment to any meal!

9. Food Hack: Feeling hungry and need a quick meal? Whisk 2 eggs in a mug and pop it in the microwave

microwave scrambled eggs

Whisk 2 eggs in a mug, place in the microwave for 30s, stir and pop back in for 30s more! Hey Presto tasty scrambled eggs in 60s.

10. Study Hack: Record your lectures and play them back at 2x speed.

Student life hacks univeristy of lincoln

Save them to your phone and play them back at 2 times the speed. Why not do this before bed and let it all just sink in naturally 😉

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